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“Waste Solutions are true professionals who deliver results time and time again. As a strategic partner to Bentall Kennedy they’ve contributed to meaningful waste disposal savings, enhanced environmental stewardship, and increased waste diversion. Through their industry knowledge and innovative technology, they have proven themselves as a trusted partner for our properties.”

Ari Dimitraklas

National Director, Technical Services, BentallGreenOak

the challenge

Vendor management and accountability for a company that oversees almost 200 properties was a significant challenge for BentallGreenOak. From ensuring regular service to navigating inconsistent invoicing, dealing with multiple vendors was complex and unmanageable.

While creating and implementing cohesive waste cost and landfill diversion strategies across properties was a corporate goal, the complexity of multiple-vendor management and accountability meant that these goals could not be prioritized.

Without thorough reporting and data management, BentallGreenOak could not identify or take actionable steps to resolve the challenges that it faced. The company needed a solution that could streamline communication, prioritize corporate values and track progress.

our solution

Holding vendors accountable across hundreds of properties was no longer unfeasible for BentallGreenOak with the installation of Smart Sensor technology. By installing sensors, Waste Solutions could optimize service levels, hold vendors accountable and obtain real-time, accurate data to bring transparency and insight to the process. Moreover, with the development of strategic, national and regional procurement strategies, Waste Solutions could reduce portfolio waste cost for BentallGreenOak significantly.

With multiple-vendor management and accountability under control, Waste Solutions could also help BentallGreenOak achieve their corporate goals for greener waste management. Implementing a consistent national sustainability strategy for waste and recycling, including waste audits, education and awareness, improved sustainability and environmental stewardship.

solutions implemented

  • Integrated Waste Management Solutions
  • Waste Reduction and Zero Waste Initiatives
  • Monthly Cost and Sustainability Reporting
  • Installation of Smart Sensor technology

the impact

Waste Solutions’ strategic solutions resulted in increased landfill diversion rates and a national program for data collection, management and reporting. In addition, the installation of Smart Sensor technology meant improved vendor accountability due to remote monitoring of sites through sensors. Not only did Waste Solutions optimize service across the BentallGreenOak portfolio, the solutions implemented generated a national cost reduction of over 20%.

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