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Bestwestern Lamplighter saves nearly 50% on waste expenses.

the challenge

Bestwestern Lamplighter’s main challenge when it came to waste management was to optimize service levels alongside changes in occupancy throughout the year. They needed an integrated solution that would respond to the ebb and flow of waste production.

With the added complication of a waste contract that had rolled over with high rates, surcharges and fees, Bestwestern Lamplighter saw the need for a new contract to be negotiated.

our solution

Waste Solutions Canada presented an innovative solution to fluctuating waste levels with Smart Sensor technology. Introducing the ability to monitor waste production, bin capacity could be regulated and the waste management process, optimized.

Involving Waste Solutions Canada also meant accessing buying power. A new contract was negotiated on Bestwestern Lamplighter’s behalf to reduce costs, surcharges and fees.

solutions implemented

Installation of Smart Sensor Technology
Vendor Management and Negotiation

the impact

Using Waste Solutions Canada’s wireless Smart Sensor technology, a dynamic service schedule was implemented, which effectively reduced the number of pick-ups required throughout the year. Offering unmatched industry experience and buying power, Waste Solutions Canada’s Smart Sensor technology combined with their strategic contract renegotiation successfully and significantly reduced costs, and removed surcharges and fees.

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