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Biomedical waste

Biomedical Waste is a major health and safety concern for many organizations and those who may come into contact with it. Our team will formulate a custom disposal plan specific to your business needs, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

services we offer

man walking with 2 rolling waste bins

Conceiving a disposal plan for hazardous materials can be confusing. There are strict biomedical waste laws and regulations to consider to maintain compliance. See how our team can help ease your burden by using their expertise to customize a strategy for you.

Biomedical waste disposal
Cytotoxic waste disposal
Pharmaceutical disposal
Sharps disposal

equipment types

biomedical waste bin - single - needle deposit

Safety is a must when disposing of sharps. We provide you with containers suited to your needs, depending on your setting.

biomedical waste bins - 3 sizes

We offer a wide range of disposal containers suited specifically to your needs.

biomedical waste bags - isolated

We provide high-grade, leak-proof bags to keep your workspace clean and safe.

biomedical waste receptacle - step-open bin

Whatever your health and safety needs may be, we can provide the right tools to dispose of your waste responsibly.

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